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SPECIAL OFFER Reddened Skin - 9921

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REF 921 Horse Chestnut Cleansing Milk

REF 922 Horse Chestnut Tonic

REF 923 Day Cream with Horse Chestnut

REF 925 Mask with Horse Chestnut


REF 964 Mild Face Exfoliator

Offer valid until 17.10.2022 - while stocks last

Reddened skin
Les Naturelles

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Horse Chestnut Cleansing Milk - 921
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Day Cream with Horse Chestnut - 923
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Mask with Horse Chestnut - 925
Special gel-mask formula, developed for use on skin with redness. Normalizes the appearance of the skin Prevents the formation of redness Firms and...
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Mild Face Exfoliator - 964
Exerts an exfoliating action. Dead cells and impurities are gently removed and cell renewal is promoted Enriched with French rose extract for its...
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