The registration is done during an order. Once you have selected your products, access the shopping cart and check the box "[ ] I want to become a Predige VIP Member".


  • Reserved for individuals who have created an account on this site
  • Requires an initial order of the minimum amount displayed on the page. Only the first order requires a minimum amount, there is no minimum amount for all subsequent orders

VIP Member Benefits

  • Get free products by paying with VIP points
  • Benefit from special VIP offers


  • Collected VIP points are valid for 12 months. Only points that have passed this date are cancelled, all points earned in the previous 12 months remain valid
  • If no orders are placed for 12 consecutive months, membership in the VIP program is automatically terminated


  • The collected points can be used for the following orders
  • Note: Points are only credited after the order has been validated by Predige and paid for
  • The value of the points collected varies between 5 and 20% of each order and is displayed in the Shopping Cart. The number of points awarded may change depending on the products, the time of year or specific offers. For example, the same product may earn more or less points at Christmas or Halloween
  • Promotional offers do not earn VIP points
  • Predige cannot exchange VIP points for cash under any circumstances
  • Your VIP points amount is indicated on the order page and on your invoices
  • Points awarded for an order are automatically withdrawn if the order is cancelled