The Predige VIP Club is a customer loyalty programme that enables you to order products free of charge and benefit from special offers, thanks to points collected when you order, various promotions for Club members and special operations.


For new members, registration requires :
  1. Creating an account with a valid e-mail address ... sorry but you cannot join the VIP Club anonymously. Among other things, this address is used to inform you when your points expire and to manage your points account
  2. Placing a first order for the minimum amount displayed in your Shopping Basket (for all subsequent orders, points will be awarded regardless of the amount)
  3. Ticking, in the shopping basket, the "I would like to join the VIP club" box when ordering the minimum amount required. 1000 welcome points are offered to all new members (see image below)
VIP Club members can earn welcome points, which are credited directly to their account. This initial order enables you to join the VIP Club loyalty programme but it does not generate any points other than welcome point


  • VIP Club members receive points based on ordered amounts, special offers and promotions.
  • The number of points available is displayed on the Predige site, in order confirmations, invoices and the Customer account sections
  • Points used to order products and points earned are shown on order confirmations and invoices
  • Certain products already benefiting from a special offer, bank charges, delivery charges or other charges are not eligible to earn VIP points.
  • Some payment methods, such as credit payments (cheques, Alma, PayPal), do not earn VIP points. As a general rule, when Predige finances bank charges, it is not possible to earn VIP points in addition. This information is provided when the payment method is selected.


  • To select a product you whish to purchase with points, simply click the VIP buttons next to the "Add" button. A similar button is also available on the product page:
  • The product ordered with points appears in the Shopping Cart with a price of "0". An error message will appear if there are not enough points available to order a product with your available VIP points
  • The number of VIP points available is displayed at the top left of the screen. for example :
  1. This number immediately decreases when you "purchase" a product with points
  2. It increases when an invoice is validated and paid (not necessarily immediately, depending on the payment method)
  • To choose a product with points, you need the exact amount, to the penny. For example, for a product at 67.55, you need 6755 points
  • The balance of unused points from remains available for future use and will be cumulated to future earned points
  • Please note that VIP points cannot be used to pay for deliveries


  • Points earned are valid for 14 months. Any new order furthers this validity time for a further 14 months, for all points
  • A warning e-mail is automatically sent to Club members, 30 days and then 3 days before their points expire. For this purpose a valid e-mail is therefore required
  • Under no circumstances can Predige exchange VIP points for cash


  • The Predige VIP Club programme is designed to build loyalty and reward regular VIP customers with free products. If no order is placed for 14 months, VIP membership is terminated and any points collected are permanently lost

    Note: This programme is subject to change without notice. It may evolve, with new offers and rewards directly available on the Predige site, or even be replaced by another loyalty programme, without any possible dispute or compensation. Optional membership of the VIP Club and its benefits are only offered in return for unconditional acceptance of the above articles