Ultra Serum - 747

82.50 €

Specific intensive anti-ageing care.

  • The active ingredients in this concentrated care protect against skin ageing
  • Maintains and strengthens the elasticity of the skin
30 ml
Mature skin
Face + neck + décolleté
Morning + evening
Advanced Phyto Biological
Les Naturelles
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Serum Guide

Use: (D) = Daily, (C) = Cure, usually 1 month, for intensive action, (D/C) = for daily use or cure

Tip: a serum is used on the face, neck and décolleté:

  • pure, especially as a cure, before the day/night cream. Apply the serum and wait at least 1 minute before applying the day/night cream
  • for some serums, by mixing a few drops of serum with the day/night cream, for a daily care
  • for the sensitive and very thin area around the eyes, use a specific serum and/or cream for the eye area

Unifying and fixing make-up base
906 – (D) Serum Perfection. Particularly effective on oily or combination skin, it evens out the complexion and reveals its radiance. It is used like the other serums before the day/night cream, but in case of make-up, it is the only serum that is applied after the day cream.
Follow your usual skincare routine, then apply Serum Perfection Ref. 906 after your day cream as a unifying and fixing base for your make-up, for a long-lasting hold.

Base line serums by skin type
To be used before the day/night cream, pure or by mixing a few drops with the day/night cream
747 – (D) Ultra Serum (Mature skin)
947 – (D) Renaissance Activator Complex (Combination skin)
907 – (D) Purifying Activator Complex (Oily skin)
707 – (D) Gatuline R Activator Complex (Sensitive skin)
997 – (D) Hydro-Active Activator Complex (Dry skin)
927 – (D) Horse Chestnut Activator Complex (Reddened skin)
777 – (D) Activlift Serum (Young skin)

Anti-ageing effect
754 – (C) Hyaluronic Serum (Rapidly hydrating, firming and plumping effect. Use pure, as a 1 month treatment)
588 – (C) Moisture Solution (Balancing effect. Use pure, as a 1 month treatment)
577 – (C) Stem Cell Solution (Stem cells, visible anti-ageing result, regenerating. Use pure, as a 1 month treatment)

Facial radiance (Antioxydants Vitamin C)
- (C) Antioxydant Concentrate VitC15 (Use pure, as a cure, before the day/night cream)
713 - (D) Serum Vital C (Use pure before applying Cream Vital C Ref. 714, or by mixing a few drops with Cream Vital C Ref. 714)

720 - (D/C) Serum Corrector (Use by mixing a few drops with the Intensive Corrector Ref. 721, or pure as a treatment before the Intensive Corrector Ref. 721)
721 - (D) Intensive Corrector. To even out a dull, uneven complexion. (Use pure or with Serum Corrector Ref. 720 for an intensive treatment. Finish the care with the day/night cream of the usual line)
555 - (C) Unifying Anti-Stain Serum. Powerful anti-stain treatment with fruit acids (Use pure, preferably before the night cream). Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after use)
756 - (C) NaturCell 8 Serum. Unifying (Use pure, as a 1 month treatment)

Lifting effect
727 – (D) Booster Serum Lift (Use before Booster Cream Lift Ref. 723 and in synergy with Booster Mask Lift Ref. 725)

Plumping effect by collagen stimulation
963 – (D) Procollagene Super-Actif Serum (Use pure or a few drops mixed with Procollagene Super-Actif Cream Ref. 962, for a daily deep treatment)
755 – (C) Pure Booster Collagen (Intense treatment, to be used pure, in a 1 month cure. To be applied before the day/night cream of your care line)

Anti-acne - Anti-pollution
961 – (D/C) Rare Clay Mask. Use daily in case of acne pimples (directly on the affected areas), or as a mask to be rinsed off, once or twice a week, as a deep treatment for oily or combination skin. Complete the care with an application of Force A Retinol Spheres - Jouvence AAA Ref. 715 to rehydrate and balance the skin. Outside the treatment periods, use the lines for oily or combination skin.
715 - (D) Force A Retinol Spheres - Jouvence AAA. Purifying and repairing care for oily, combination or polluted skin. Strongly recommended after the use of an anti-acne treatment for oily skin and in particular after the application of the Rare Clay Mask Ref. 961. Force A Retinol Spheres - Jouvence AAA Ref. 715 can then replace the usual day/night cream, in alternation, during these treatments. In daily care it is also recommended to help purify your skin in case of exposure to polluted atmospheres, for smokers or people exposed to smoke

Apply morning and evening with a light massage on a thoroughly cleansed and toned face and neck. Follow with the Anti-Ageing Cream Day Multi Ref. 743 or the Anti-Ageing Cream Night Ref. 744.

Care protocol


  1. Cleansing Milk Phyto Biological Ref. 741
  2. Mild Skin Tonic Phyto Biological Ref. 742
  3. (Morning &/or evening) Eye Contour Serum : Eye Zone Day & Night Ref. 746 or Eye Zone After Party Ref. 969
  4. (Morning &/or evening) Ultra Serum Ref. 747 or other specific serums
  5. Anti-Ageing Cream Day Multi Ref. 743


  1. Eye and lip make-up removal with the Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover Ref. 763 or Micellar Solution Ref. 771
  2. Cleaning the rest of the face, neck and décolleté with the Cleansing Milk Phyto Biological Ref. 741
  3. Mild Skin Tonic Phyto Biological Ref. 742
  4. (Morning &/or evening) Eye Contour Serum : Eye Zone Day & Night Ref. 746 or Eye Zone After Party Ref. 969
  5. (Morning &/or evening) Ultra Serum Ref. 747 or other specific serums
  6. Anti-Ageing Cream Night, Ref. 744

Special care:

  1. (Once to twice a month) Mild Face Exfoliator Ref. 964, always followed by the Mask Advanced Phyto Biological Ref. 745
  2. (Once a week) Mask Advanced Phyto Biological Ref. 745
  3. (Once to twice a week, during a relaxing moment, for 15-30 minutes, on cleansed skin) Cotton masks Ref. 541/542/543

Why use a complete product line?

Since 1978, Predige has offered complete product lines, by skin type, for several reasons:

  • Use the most suitable combinations of active ingredients, depending on the skin type. For example, mature skin will need more hydration than young skin, which is likely to produce excess sebum. Each active ingredient is selected and tested to provide a specific action for each skin type
  • Maximise the effects of the active ingredients. We use the same basic active ingredients in all the products of the same line, which allows us to accentuate their effects
  • Avoiding harmful interactions between active ingredients in different products
  • Avoid mixing fragrances between different products. Predige products in the same line have the same subtle smell because they use the same active ingredients, essential oils or fragrances

Argan oil: very rich in vitamin E, antioxidant, anti-aging action, improves healing
Hyaluronic acid: a natural component of our skin, it can bind an enormous amount of water, up to 1,000 times its weight, penetrates and infuses skin cells with precious moisture, replenishes and strengthens the skin, improving its elasticity
Sunflower oil: composed mainly of linoleic acid (fatty acid, omega 6) which allows good hydration of the skin
Cornflower extract: refreshes, stimulates and revitalises. Astringent, tones devitalized or dry skin tissue. Purifying, calming and soothing
Mallow flower extract: its soothing and anti-free radical compounds make it an interesting active ingredient for anti-ageing care and for sensitive, delicate and dry skin
Dune hydrangea extract:  antioxidant, anti-ageing, firming, revitalising and toning action. Used in traditional medicine, has a lot of qualities


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